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I have foolishly bought a hammer coral from the LFS today ( i feel sad if i dont get something) and I have put it into my nano along with my finger coral. I think he is a tad bit big as I have since found out they are quite aggressive.

Does anyone else have these and do they naturally split or can they be split? or am I just stuck with a hammer taking over my nano haha

Also, any suggestions what else I should add?

Adrian - MLUK:
There are two different types of hammers branching and scrolling. Branching is where each head is on a tree like branch. scrolling type has one continuous skeleton where the head part is continuous also. it looks like you have the latter.
With bracing you are able to spit the skeleton. Hammers don't do well if the soft tissue is damaged/cut. Both types don't split per say. as said the branching type is able to be split but the scrolling type isn't.
Most corals in the wild spawn or indeed spread by splitting/ fish or invents splitting then.

So in answer you are probably stuck with the size it is and it may well get bigger.
All corals are looking to become dominate in our aquarium and indeed in the wild too. this they do by several means euphyllias do it by stinging surrounding corals and growing into their space.

It will take a while for it to take over my tank though wouldnt it as it has a skeliton whch is slow growing.

Adrian - MLUK:
yes it should take a while.


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