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Author Topic: Promazines 30l Zoa Garden  (Read 2383 times)

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Offline promazine

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Promazines 30l Zoa Garden
« on: August 25, 2012, 11:39:32 PM »

This is my first tank thread, but it's my second tank and it's destined for the nursery once the lighting won't upset the little one's nap times  ::)

It's currently set up in the spare room, and looks like this :

The hardware so far consists of the standard Aqueal nano hang on back filter, the standard x2 11w T5 lighting, a 50w cheapo heater, a 900lph koralia nano and a PC CPU fan cabled tied to the light to aid in cooling.

The temperature fluctuates a bit, there is loads of Evap and the lighting is pretty poor too lol

I'm going to pick up a par38 quadspec bulb and a boostled clamp for it tomorrow, the 2 11w t5s are terrible, god knows how old they are  :-X

Still the tank is doing well - I have used fully mature water and rock from my display tank, and added more rock from other reefers to top it up to around 4 kilo in total. I reckon there to be about 3.5 kilo in the tank, and about half a kilo of rubble in the hang on back filter.

In the HOB, I have filled the bottom of the two cartridges with rubble, then put a media bag with carbon in one, and a media bag with rowaphos in the other. Then at the very top a thin lay of filter floss for good measure.

Left the tank to run for a week as it was with just water and rock to let it all settle down.

I didn't do any tests really - just checked ammonia and phosphate - of which there was zero, and then started to add my corals. (insert slap on wrist here)

There are various zoa's including fire and ice, blue steels, hong kong zoas etc.  a couple of nice palythoa, an Acan that my filefish demolished when I first introduced him - he left it alone and didn't bother it after, but it never seemed to fully recover in my main display. Since being in this one it has plumped up nicely. There is also a Duncan frag in there too for the exact same reason lol.

As far as critters go - I chucked in a bristle worm from my main display, some dove snails and some tiny brittle stars, and added 1 turbo, 1 Astraea turbo, 1 nassarious, 1 red leg hermit, 2 micro brown leg hermits, 1 orange leg with purple claw hermit (really cool lookin chap!) and about 5 Stomatella for good measure.

For fish - I'm going to wait till I see something special - its going to be the only thing in there, and it will be small too. I'm tempted by a little yellow clown goby, but they are a bit run of the mill for me, so we shall wait and see!

Not enough space in this post for all the photos,

See next post....

If anyone is interested - all pics have been taken on an iPhone 4s - no messing around with any apps, just good old point and shoot.

Offline promazine

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Re: Promazines 30l Zoa Garden
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2012, 11:41:44 PM »
 And here are the rest of the pics.....

The acan:

The Duncan:

and a little pavona sps frag that i had forgotten about :)

Offline promazine

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Re: Promazines 30l Zoa Garden
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2012, 11:44:18 PM »
Tonight i fragged a couple of the Zoa colonies from my main display, here they are settling in nicely in the nano....

I'm also failing to keep Acans alive in my display tank, and although I thought my filefish was to blame for the sulking, I now suspect my phosphates are on the rise again.

I have therefore moved my second Acan frag over, which is sulking here - ill be sure to put up a better pic when it's all puffed up again.

More updates soon :)

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Re: Promazines 30l Zoa Garden
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2012, 09:33:38 AM »
cool, i like tanks like this as the smaller tank look great especially as a species tank like zoa garden, rhicories with a single stand out fish. Personally i like goby/shrimp pairings.

If you can get away with lower tank tamps what about a Catalina Goby small and stunning. look forward to seeing this progress and grow out.
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Offline promazine

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Re: Promazines 30l Zoa Garden
« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2012, 07:28:38 PM »
I have given some thought to having a Catalina goby in the past, but it think from what I've read, and other peoples experience of them, they don't seem to last very long in captivity - even with the lower temps. Definitely a beautiful fish though!

I picked up my marine reef PAR38 quadspec bulb today, not sure what I was expecting, but it didn't blow me away.

The colours look good, but it just doesn't seem as bright as the T5 compacts!

Since I started reefing I have always used LEDs (aquarays on the main tank), so have nothing to compare them too. Time wil tell I suppose. The bulb has been on since lunchtime, and the orange Acan has really puffed up well, so it must be doing something. Maybe it's not as bright to me, but brighter for the corals.

Enough rambling.......


Offline tangtastic

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Re: Promazines 30l Zoa Garden
« Reply #5 on: August 27, 2012, 01:21:25 AM »
Leds are odd, when i built my led unit i got camera light level readings on the tank with the 2 x 150w halides on before i put the led unit on i built, Now i put the leds on around 35-40% and it looked more or less the same to the eye as they halides but when i put the camera to it an measured the light level in the same spots around the tank it was a lot higher so i turned the leds down a little more, the leds when they were at around 16% gave the same level readings as the halides even though it looked dimmer same for the t5s leds may seem dim but they put out more light
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Offline promazine

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Re: Promazines 30l Zoa Garden
« Reply #6 on: August 27, 2012, 06:36:36 PM »
Well the corals are loving it, much more polyp extension on the acan's, the duncan seems to be bigger, and the zoa's almost seem "fuller".
Must just be the overspill from the T5's making it seem brighter to me, but the PAR lamp is focusing entirely on the tank rather than me.

Offline bigguy

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Re: Promazines 30l Zoa Garden
« Reply #7 on: August 27, 2012, 10:49:40 PM »
very nice tank dude
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