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After doing some surfing it would appear I have dino, and it's becoming a real PIA. Despite scrubbing off daily it's starting to stifle some of the corals.

I have tried water changes, elevated Ph, Ozone, additional phosphate remover, all levels are ok etc. So it seems the general concensus is to use FM Ultra algae x, as it appears tried and tested.

Anyone got any experience in use of this stuff, i've tried but none of the local shops have it in stock so it's an internet search next and then the wait for delivery.

Bloody stuff 3-4 times now !!!

yes the fm stuff works but for some reason mine kept coming back


yeah a nightmare for sure, very difficult to beat, I think the best bet as with all nusience algaes and bacterias is back to basics health care, new quality water regular cleaning of equipment, cut down on overfeeding and run phos and carbon regulary, on top of that back to testing parameters regulary like we used to when we first started in the hobby haha, good luck bud.

 :41: I guess I read the only success story out there then  :a102:

Thanks for the link Kev, I had a message sent off there last night to see if they have it in stock and to see if I need to get 250ml or 500ml based on my 550L volume approx (minus LR)

I'm hoping for a quick delivery when I order as i'm away again for a week in September and i'd like to at least have a decent shot at clearing it up a fair bit so it doesn't completely take over while i'm away.

I introduced about 25kg or LR from a tank breakdown, along with the good sized mimic tang, the LR had bubble algae which I scraped off and rinsed before adding to my tank, so I guess thats where my problem may have started. I also tend to feed a little too much as the tang is a big hungry brute.

I only run bio pearls generally, but i've added from ??phos into a 100 micron filter sock I have on the exit from the skimmer, i've also got another sock on the main downpipe from the display tank into the sump.

I still monitor parameters generall PO4, Ca, Mg and dKh, they Mg is a little lower than normal as I haven't started dosing it again since the lights went in. I noticed the Ph is around 9, although I haven't calibrated the probe for quite some time now, I just leave it in the sump as a check.

Right, i'm off to see if the chat is running on that link Kev, see if I can get it despatched pronto.

 :34:  Chat offline and no phone number to contact - don't want to order only to find out of stock, will have to nosey and see if anywhere else has it in stock now.

the website is good once it would not let me order due to been out of stock, i tried dosing kalk and keeping the ph up at 8.5-8.6 but just killed some sps.

I was getting the stuff out every day, out of interest whats your nitrate and phos levels ? my nitrates were undetectable. out of the 250ml bottle i had 5 treatments, dont forget to leave the skimmer running remove carbon, any pellets, nitrate reactor, ozone etc etc, Claude recommended a very wet skim whilst dosing and repeat if needed, Is yours a brown jelly quite see through ?

Get some pics up butt i have got mine up somewhere



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