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Whoo hoo first post in this section

decided to make use of the departed father inlwas tank

He used to have guppies in and it was sat ages with stagnant water in so gave it a good scrub.

The light is the 11w pl tube so ord a blue/white at 12 but this was crap no good at all for frags

This is the light with the reds not wired up yet as the technical ones can tell the blues and white are wired in series and ran of a 700ma driver

the main white led is a 30w 6500k, 2 x 10w royal blues and 2 x 3w 660nm reds

as you can see i have an fluval 2 filter in which is rubbish, the tank has no rear filter section so i have ordered some blue plastic to make one, it will have three sections first one maybe a course sponge phosphate media then carbon and filter floss then power head back to main tank


Nice one
You keeping with the colors and whats your Plans For It ?
Is the 6500k right for corals or you going Fish Only ?

na thats a frag tank only budd the 6500k is not yellow at all so i suspect there kelvin ratings are out a little, the leather frags and mushies are coming out a lot more and the duncan and torch seems to be out more as soon as the light comes on as well, time will tell

Looking good Kev you will soon have more tanks than PAH lol see you soon. eric :86:

Got started making the filter for the rear of the tank

First make sure your work space is spotlessly clean ( well kind of )

First baffle

Those experts should be able to see the huge mistake i made now and spent all night trying to rectify it  :34:

The rear section of the filter

Second baffle on front plate

Front and rear ready to be mated, i was one baffle short i am sure i had enough lol

The filter box and the pump, that mistake is still staring me in the face grrrr

I needed something to secure the pump inside the pump section for it not to vibrate about, i found and old foam from the v2 bubble stop from tmc just the job

I want you to tell me the mistake i have made come on folks lol


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