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New Lights soon to be making a appearance

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Adrian - MLUK:
Well as some of you know we now sell the Maxspect Mazarra LEDs, so no guesses as to what is soon to be lighting up our world at Marine Life UK

You guessed it Mazarras

I will be updating with plenty of pictures when they arrive and also might even get some vids up of them in action if my camera is upto the job.

So watch this space people......

Crack on  :bravo_2:

They do look sweet, look forward to the photos... :s_cool:

Cant wait to see them up and running Adrian if they are anything like the Max 2 they will be a good light as mine is stunning Eric :))

Adrian - MLUK:
I opted for a 180w version so that we would have more than enough cover for our 4ft x 2.5ft coral table, looking at just one I would think that 2 would been enough as the depth of water is just 12 inches.

So on with the pics

Heres the three light modules, moutnting package and two power packs
The powerpacks will run 2 lights or 1 light and a controller so with three light modules we only needed two power packs.

They are well packaged and come with various bits and bobs for the light unit itself and for tiding the cables neatly, connecting more than one light unit and also the ball joint which allows for the tilting of the light units to allow freedom on positioning. Also in the box 40,70 and installed 100 degree optics. There is also a fan which is optional and really only needed if the light is to be installed in a closed pelmet.

In with every light module is also the users guide which tells you everything you need to know about all mounting options and also how the controller works

So heres the controller itself which tbh is easy to use and very well designed, it has a control knob and four buttons and a nice LCD screen

Above the controller is mounting pack C which for those who dont know its the hanging kit all in black to match the light unit itself

Along the bottom is numbers 1-8 now this lights up when you connect the leds to the controller which is done wireless, although there is 1-8 one controller will actually control upto 16 led modules

Now onto the light unit itself

This is the top to the right hand side youll see the bracket that connects the light module to the ball joint, front right is a button this is used for adjustments to the light mode as these can be used without a controller but then must be adjusted manually, whereas the controller is fully automatic with dusk and dawn settings as well as weather settings.

To the underside
As you will notice there isnt loads and loads of LEDs there is a reason for this and it is because they use cree xm-l which kick out 200% more light then its predecessors.

This is it on as you can see chances on forcusing are very slim and tbh it really is a eye burner, it was on 40mins ago and my eyes still hurt

All in all these lights are fantastic IMO give good par and have many options so that mounting optics and the ability to change the leds if it was needed or wanted to create a great colour.

I have more specs on them if anyone wants them

Its a bit hectic here atm as we are moving home in a week and only found out that things were coming to the big day a few days ago.

The next installment will be very soon and will be over the coral tray

 for looking and sorry about the poor photos


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