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In march i am looking to change my MH so am looking at what options i have, its a 250w SE MH with no antinc support?

Was thinking of getting either:

BLV 14k
Reeflux 12k
CoralVue 14k
Radium 20k
Marine Lux (Full spectrum) 12k
Megachrome Coral - But these are mega money

Don't really want to pay any more than 70 for a bulb

Not particulay fussed about being a bit yellow, so any recommendations or ones to avoid? or others to consider it a bit of time away but like to research these things

So what do you guys think?

Blv for me also heard  CoralVue are a very good bulb but not tried one yet, Malke sure the halide unit uses an electronic ballast budd or it will cost you a fortune to run the bloody thing

I usually get mine from fastlight very quick delivery but have a look on fleabay first might be some bargains on there


deffinatly have an electronic ballast on my 250 made sure of that, ny old 150wmh had a mag ballast noisey as heck....

trouble with fleabay is the quality of the cheaper bulbs and are they actually any good?

kieron @ The Big Puddle:
Marine Lux are also a very good bulb


Didnt mean look for the cheaper brands but look for the blv or other brands might be cheaper on there just a thought



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