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We have recently purchased a catalaphyllia jardinei (I believe!) and although all of our other corals are flourishing after two days this specific coral has decided its not going to come out and has closed right up... we have done some research and one piece of advice was to lower the flow and ensure the base is fully bedded into the sand which we have done...

Please see the photos of before and after...




Has anyone got any other advice as I would hate to lose this coral!


kieron @ The Big Puddle:
Hi Mike

It certainly isn't looking to happy. It looks more like its irritated. Is there a invert or fish that may be nipping at it? Also have you checked the cone that cone is clean of any pests?. They are best is the slower flow area's and just dig the cone into the sand a little but where the flesh meets the skeleton.

Lets us know how it gets on.


Adrian - MLUK:
it looks to me that something is annoying it also there is some tissue loss at the top and bottom, are you feeding this coral???? Also cats like to be on the sand and able to expand without rubbing on nearby rocks. Youll also find a care sheet in the relevant section i.e LPS


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