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Torch vs. Hammer


My urchin had decided to do some rearranging on it own today and knocked my hammer on to my toruch.... :41:...the hammer seems to have come off worst as some heads have been retracted and don't want to extend properly, which is a shame as i had recently moved it becasue a locationi chosse previously i really didn;t like and started to flag including on head removing itsself away from the skeleton so it wasn't at full strength/heath at the time.

And to top it all off a couple of heads landed on my encrusting monti a section has really lightened up.....what a PITA

Adrian - MLUK:
torches and hammers dont always get on tbh, the monti may recover.

If the heads on the hammer are closed it may still be ok time will tell

I think the monti will be ok, just a patch that should recover in time.

Hey hum, i do reallt want to get rid of my torch its just to big, i did frag it but month down the line its still to big......may need to frag it and keep that bit and sell the mother coral...

Think i need a bigger tank, but every time i metion it the wife gives me the evils...

Adrian - MLUK:
lol my wife is getting what she wants us move to a bigger house so she cant say no lol

We want people to invent new things, always.


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