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I have a favia coral which i have had for about 4months now

Its first month was great nice and plump and feeders out regulary, after moving my frogspawn and not realising the coral got hammered with flow and the consequences were that the flesh stuck to the skeleton and started causing minor tissue recession.

I then moved the coral to place of quite flow, a bit more out the light in the hope it would recover....i also target feed it mysis once a week but other then that very little food goes in the tank.......

The tissue ressecion is still there but has improved but have noticed the feeder tenticlaes are not out as regularly and not been out for the few few nights......should i be concerened?

Also it quite out of the light, should i move it back under a bright light whilst maintaing a slow flow and perhaps dust it in the evening with cyclpose or similar to encourage it back out? I think it may be case of hunger more then anthing else as the water param are good and the SPS are doing well?

How often do you feed yours (if you do)..?

Adrian - MLUK:
They do demand high lighting but its one coral that does vary quite alot and sometimes its hard to find a position it does like. Id probably say that tissue recession is due to feeding. Id try it in higher lighting but not high flow (mid really).
Feeding wise at the moment id try smaller feeds but more frequent when it shows signs of recovering Id then look at feeding it every 3 days

Ok i'll move it to a location more under the MH and have to use my torch coral as a water brake to slow the flow up around it.

I'll try encouraging it out tonight and give it a small feed.

Cheers, ill let you know how i get on and post up some piccies of it various states.


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