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Fragging my Hammer

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The other day i went on my first frag-a-thon with my branching hammer.

First things first, lets get the important things out the way

I hope that beer and not a cuppa lol

While i am working it a cuppa, beer is for relaxing.....

After the important bit has been done;

I started out by making some frag plugs out of speed glue to mount the frags. After working out how to use speed glue i started work:

I formed the speed glue in 1.5" square blocks (the best i could) and left them to dry. Her are some photos:

Next was to pluck my victim from the tank, i filled up a small tub with tank water and dropped him in.

I had on loan a dremel drill with 1m flexi which was well handy... :whoo:

I then carefully picked the hammer up upside down and let it close up, then selected the areas for cutting and setto work as quickly as i could.

I made the cuts intoteh skeleton as low to the base as i could (the smell of effectivly cutting bone stay up your nose for the next hour or so which isn't particulartly nice). I let the cut frag go in to another bucket with tankwater and between chosing each cut i dipped it back intothe water so not leave it out in the air to long.

After 7 odd cuts i had finished and put the mother coral back in the tank ASAP.

After the mother coral was return i started work on mounting the frags to their bases and return them to the main tank, i was glad to see that they had plumped out within an hour,

but one frag the i must have damaged the soft tissue,  it was three heads when i fragged, and have lost one head completely, another looks a bit sorry for itself and the third is fine.

But generally i was pleased with the result, here are piccies pretty much 1hour after its ordeal of the fragging process. The last picture is the mother coral which i am pleased to say is nice and happy.

All in all a result..


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