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Arduino 3.2 tft colour touch screen build

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This was my second Arduino reef build controller , Uses the bigger atmega1280 board and a 3.2" tft colour touch screen

Please note that iteadstudio lcd is now using the ssd1289 controller and the sketch will need some modifying before it will work or you will just get a white screen
The parts

Mega 1280 board

3.2"TFT  shield

ITDB02 Arduino MEGA Shield v1.1

The pics

Arduino reef build controller

Assembly is very easy just push together

Instructions are included in pdf file and the sketches are available in the link below

Arduino reef build controller

Now the first sketch i used was a simple 2 ch one which was included above these are the pics for that sketch

Arduino reef build controller

This is the modified Stilo sketch which is also uploaded on here called Jarduino Code

With this code you can have 6 leds and a moon phase running

The only difference is the front screen at this time

You still need all the sketches and folders from the stilo but need to add the one attached

A huge thank you to TheDOdblG for the code, the code is not to be permitted to make any money off or to be commercialized

Hi there,

I have just finished my DIY LED build and was going to use a pre made Typhon controller. It has 4 channels 2 white and 2 blue which I want to control seperatly. I have used the meanwell eln 60 48ps which use 10v PWM.

This looks much nicer but I know nothing about Arduino coding, I cant seem to find the links to the coding in your post.

I have just tried the links in Saltys Arduinos for dummies and they seem dead??

Any help would be great.


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