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Meanwell drivers


After a few years of use a couple of my Meanwell ELN-60-48P drivers have failed, each runs a dozen royal blue crees.

Opened them up and the caps are bulging, don't know if it's worth trying to solder new one in each, or is there likely to be something else has failed because of them.

I've been well out of touch with led stuff since I build my 96 led unit, i'm sure things have improved and compacted in some way by now, can anyone enlighten me or bring me up to date - i'm currently trawling to find a couple of replacements in UK if poss.

Just checked the rest - another 4 are starting to bulge so they are on their way out too ... need to have a rethink on how to power the leds.

1   CW x 12       - dying
2   RB  x 12       - dead
3   Blue x 8        - dying
4   Moonlights   - OK
5   RB  x 12       - dead
6   Wh  x 12       - dying
7   UV                - OK
8   CW  x 12      - dying
9   RB  x 12       - OK

After some surfing - looks like single power supply and ldd's are the way to go.

That's what I'd suggest.  A year or two ago the highest LDD current output was rated at 1000mA, now they have ones that go up to at least 1500mA, allowing you can take more advantage of your LEDs capabilities. The good thing is if they ever fail, at least they are fairly inexpensive to replace.

I went for the board mounted modules, they only go up to 1000ma but i'm happy enough with that, and when I source some higher rated ones they are plug and play.

I got a couple of 7 driver mount boards, great piece of work, pwm for dimming is fed via RJ45 connector, made it all so easy.

I placed an order on mouser and didn't realise just how much lead time there was, only got them recently.

Now my light is fully operational again


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